Welcome to Vedanta Wake Up Trivandrum - Central Station , Trivandrum , India

Vedanta Wake Up Trivandrum - Central Station

There are Trivandrum Hotels. And then there’s Vedanta Wake Up!. Those who’ve stayed with us observe this difference and often tell us about the same. The warmth and friendliness, which they feel within our gates is what keeps them coming back for more. From our friendly reception staff, all the way to housekeeping, each of our people exudes the ethos that the organization believes in.

Every weary traveler is welcomed and his/her needs are taken care of in the most efficient way, however big or small. Right from helping them plan their itinerary to giving them an in-depth study of the culture of the place, guests are given an experience they’ll never forget. Probably just one of the reasons why we’re voted high in the ranks where great stays are concerned. 

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